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Welcome to the Official LJ Community of The World's Goriest Board Game!!!

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Note: AMPUTHEATRE contains subject matter that is best suited for mature gamers. Parental discretion is advised.

AMPUTHEATRE is an underground game based on the hundreds of horror movies and video fighting games all over the world. This Live Journal community is managed by the makers and chief playtesters of AMPUTHEATRE themselves. At the current moment, its base of operations is in Upstate New York. Right now the game is being toted at gaming and horror conventions, and just recently AMPUTHEATRE did become patented and we are looking for a manufacturer!

The premise of the game is simple: As any one of over fifty super-powered, incarcerated sociopaths, you must slaughter, dismember, decapitate and immolate your way out of a trap-filled arena by any means necessary- a full pardon awaits you. The game revels in glorious excess as limbs, heads, and buckets of blood douse the game board through a splatter-based combat system. AMPUTHEATRE employs large 4 1/2" action figures with removable limbs to showcase injuries and incorporate players into the fray- which can be joined at any time by bystanders.

The figures are all created and built by the_gil_monster, Gil Merritt. Weapons, traps and terrain are both created and cobbled together from a variety of sources.

We now have figures for sale over at my artistic site, Chenille Macabre!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

So why join this community? Well, for a few reasons...

Learn of new developments in the game. Check out new Slashers, revisions to the rules, and how the game is coming along.

Discuss the last game you played. Are you proud of the carnage you've committed? Boast about it, or just relay the good time you had.

Discuss AMPUTHEATRE's mechanics. Is one Slasher too "cheap"? Are the rules on Sundering too easy? Here's where to make your opinions heard.

Tell the Evil Wardens of an upcoming convention. Maybe we'll be able to head down there and you can finally play a game.

Find out about an upcoming game near you! Learn where and when to get in a game here.

Evil Wardens Color

...Rules to the community? Sure. Try to keep the topics about AMPUTHEATRE, and don't be a jerk. If you can handle that, The Evil Wardens accept you.
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