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Photos from SimCon 2008

Posted by the_gil_monster on 03.31.2008 at 14:53
Cries of torment:: My Dying Bride- I Am The Bloody Earth

For SimCon 2008, I unleashed a new board on the hapless gamers who eagerly leapt back into the AMPUTHEATRE for their first time in a year. Chrispy was one of them, and he (thank you!) sent me these wicked photos of the game in action:

This is the fiendish Mount Ripper, a small hill with a wicked heavy artillery weapon atop known as the Mandible Gunsaw. Any Slasher able to reach the Gunsaw could fire deadly, spinning sawblades at any Slashers within the quadrant that the blade was pointed- hence, the yellow caution tape down the hill. Already the bodies of Vulch, Crucifiend (Player 2 costume), Malice, and Y'Shakaa lie dismembered about the mountain! 

The fire-haired Malice and King Bakemono battle at the base of the hill, while Jinglebunny and The Thicket prepare to ascend the hill. Meanwhile, the blue, two-headed horror (and Crucifiend's arch-nemesis) known as D'Seff makes a suicide rush for the top of the hill for the Gunsaw.

Unfortunately the Jack Of Clubs was faster, and gave D'Seff the business end of it...

While Malice shreds King Bakemono piece by piece with her horrific Vorpal Shard attack, a profusely-bleeding Jinglebunny patiently waits for a victor, nail gun in hand. Jinglebunny would go on to win the contest, and earn a full pardon from the government! 'Ray!

And by now you've no doubt noticed that the Mt. Ripper board was constructed out of Jenga-style blocks. They worked awesomely. 

There were many more photos taken; I'll put those up at a later date. In the meantime, if you missed this convention, I will also be at the UBCon at the University of Buffalo, April 12-13.

See you then!


SimCon this coming weekend!

Posted by the_gil_monster on 03.23.2008 at 11:39
Cries of torment:: Siouxsie and The Banshees- Hybrid
Happy Easter and all that.

Hope to see a lot of you this coming weekend at SimCon this weekend (Mar. 29-30) at the University of Rochester! I'll be there from 9:30-6:30 Saturday, and 12-6 Sunday, so gear up for some gore!

If you can't make this one, there's also the UBCon coming up, April 12-13.


Oh, and new Slashers have been uploaded to the Rogues' Gallery: Imbarhu, Taenia, Tusagti, and Vrakk.

It should be noted that I will never, ever stop making characters for AMPUTHEATRE. It's my hobby- a universe of horror, and it won't stop growing. 

Alas. :P


And the horror resumes...

Posted by the_gil_monster on 03.19.2008 at 00:05
Cries of torment:: Tiamat- Cain

I needs me a game of AMPUTHEATRE, so I'm gonna host one this Friday (March 21st) at Millennium Games starting... a little after 7. Like 7:15 or so.

I'm gonna work to have at least one new Slasher and one returning Slasher into the mix. We'll see.

Sound off if you're in!

Crap on a crap cracker

A tribute

Posted by the_gil_monster on 03.04.2008 at 21:56
Cries of torment:: a 21-severed arm salute

Gary Gygax- the man behind Dungeons & Dragons- passed away this morning at the age of 69. On reflection, I owe him a lot.

  • All those wacky-ass shaped dice.
  • All the late, late nights spent gaming and laughing until tears rolled down my face.
  • All the awesome video games D&D spawned.
  • All those lasting friendships I made.

And hell, AMPUTHEATRE. I'll list the one definite influence that leaps to mind: if not for the Monster Manual to educate me about the leucrotta, Gnash would not have come to be.

Thanks, Gary.


Super Tuesday and all that crap

Posted by the_gil_monster on 02.06.2008 at 02:44
Cries of torment:: INXS- The Devil Inside
Go vote, everybody. I don't wanna know who you're voting for or why; just go do it. Hell, write me in if you don't like any of the candidates.

And then, join me at Millennium Games for a game of AMPUTHEATRE this Friday (Feb. 8) at 7 pm. It's to honor the birthday of long-time Evil Warden KalessinDB. 

Hell, write me in if you don't like any of the candidates.

Or Gnash. Or Crucifiend.

Sound off if you're in!


SimCon 2008 is go

Posted by the_gil_monster on 01.23.2008 at 01:42
Cries of torment:: Falkenbach- Into The Ardent Awaited Land
Okay, folks, it's been far too long. How about a game of AMPUTHEATRE this Friday, January 25 over at Millennium Games at around 7 pm? Sound off if you're in.

Also (if you can't make that) I have just signed up for the U of R's annual SimCon event on March 29-30. 

Extra Wardens for both SimCon and UBCon would be welcome. Contact me if you're interested.

The Darkweaver!

Just to confirm

Posted by the_gil_monster on 01.16.2008 at 11:21
Cries of torment:: That crummy song about "her eyes" and liking Michael Jackson until "BAD"
I won't be able to attend RunningGAGG this year. The whole hecticness (hecticity...? hecticism...?) regarding a car for the family after it got totalled sadly took precedence over the con. This happens. It sucks; I was into the art show and auction. I apologize, Geneseo-ians- perhaps next year.

AMPUTHEATRE and I will however be at Buffalo's UBCON on April 12-13, 2008. And I'm going to be selling stuff as well. Hopefully I can see some of you there.


Yeti-In-The-Box for sale!

Posted by the_gil_monster on 01.14.2008 at 16:14
Cries of torment:: Opeth- Serenity Painted Death
Holy crap. Look what you can purchase at the Bags That Bite store: a plush version of everyone's favorite AMPUTHEATRE character (sorry, Jinglebunny and Gnash...)


He is SO cute. I should warn you all however that I have one currently on top of our CD tower, and getting one of the Lord Of The Rings movies to watch means reattaching lost flesh to my hand with Krazy Glue while I watch.

I never realized before that the Yeti-In-The-Box was the impetus for Heartless Rose to start her own Bags that Bite business. I really don't know what else to say to that. Wow.


Updates to the site

Posted by the_gil_monster on 12.17.2007 at 13:42
Cries of torment:: Sigh- Midnight Sun
I'm in the process of an update to the site here. In the meantime, you can check out some new Slasher profiles if you like, in the "Bosses" section.

I've ret-conned a couple of characters, most notably Heartstopper, The Toll, and Urameshii.

New Slashers include Breakneck, Cycad, and Dr. Ceratops. 

Oh- and some Slashers got new figures. Oubliette is damn near naked.


What's been happening...

Posted by the_gil_monster on 12.07.2007 at 11:18
Cries of torment:: Dark Tranquility- Haven
I got a comment to my review about MEH-hunt 2 saying that I haven't updated this site in a while. They're right. Here's some excuses.

Probably the biggest reason is that I've been working on a second website. At Chenille Macabre, you'll be able to purchase some of my hand-made monsters (even creatures that aren't as blood-soaked as the AMPUTHEATRE lunatics). 

For now, you can buy monsters at my Etsy page. And frankly, this keeps me fairly busy as I'm trying to keep that stocked with new beasts.

Additionally, the camera I normally use for photographing Slashers has given me problems (the resolution of stills was becoming crap), so the wife and I recently purchased a new digital camera thingamabob. I have made some new Slashers- a lot, actually- so I'll put them up soon.

Hell, I'll put one up now:

Dr. Ceratops 

This is the mad Dr. Ceratops. An esteemed neurosurgeon, Dr. Horace Serra turned to trepanning to deal with the stress of his job, and it wasn't long before he began to trepan everybody else in sight.

Something about the women in my life- most notably, my wife and my sister- gives them a bizarre glee for the power to control minds. The Twisted Gospel attack makes Crossface my sister's favorite Slasher, and now The Joystick- which lets Dr. Ceratops attack a Slasher with another Slasher being impaled in their brain- has thrown the good doctor next to Mandibula in my wife's stable. Yes, she loves him that much.

I'll put up some more in the next few days.

But I'm also considering what to do with this blog, as I don't update it as much as my own (I generally have more fun over there because I don't have to work so hard at being so neutral.) I'm probably going to combine the two blogs or something. We'll see.

But I have to go now because well... I have to fill out some crap regarding a car accident my wife and I were in last week (we're fine and we're not at fault) so I'll talk to you again soon.

And again... sorry this was neglected so long. Forgive? Cool! 

Now buy something, because it helps AMPUTHEATRE get developed sooner. :P

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