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This is really genius man!

First of all I want to mention that I’m not a native English/American speaker so you probably find a grammar mistake or two in this enormous post :-p

Secondly I want to say that I’m really surprised that this INSANELY (good) game of yours is so hard to find on Google and the rest of the net that it almost made me slam my computer to the ground out of stress because I wanted to view some of the missing profiles so badly...

I would have thought that when I would type Boomslang (for example) in on Google that I would find tons of pictures and information about her... but all I get are Dutch versions of tree vipers... (boomslang means tree snake in Holland) too bad...

I would have thought to find tons of fan-sites of Amputheatre because the characters are really well thought out; they in fact are ten times as good and one hundred times more original than the characters of one of my other favorite games Mortal Kombat.

Maybe you can tell me where to find the profiles of:

Scounch One-Ear
The Toll
Nest (I’ve never seen him, but he probably has something to do with rats or killer bees right?)
The Bloodbeards
The Brunswich Eel
Mark Deck
Ling Chi
Pirate Blackwell
The She-goat
Tsatsara (that really cool voodoo witch)

 And are there more Slashers I forgot about? (and which are not on the main-site profiles)

 For the first time in life you made me feel bad I’m not a millionaire, because if I was I would buy all characters, stages and items from you instantly, because I’m a very bad collector, I want them all in one buy, I have no patience for one by one collections.

But because I don't live where you live and I don't trust the post around here (many things I pay for never show up around here because the post goes wrong) I have to forget about it and just dream of playing the most evil game in the world, good thing I have a big imagination! :P

Really all of your characters and descriptions about them make me want to read more and more and more!
Too bad many of them don't have profiles yet on your main-site and when I click SLASHERS or SLASHERS (player 2) the links don't work dammed! Fix it! grrrrrr I’m an ampudict!

 Your last post is from 2008... Which makes me wonder... are you still ALIVE?!
God I really hope so because the world could use some creative mind like yours! Create more profiles and characters!

I have some ideas for you, if you take ideas that is... you can do with them what you please, you can even rip their arms and head off if you like ;)

Goldusa (real name is Jennifer) is a gold-addicted gold-digger and the ex wife of the richest guy in the world.
When he dumped her for another younger girl she went mentally insane and started to turn people into golden statues by painful and horrible rituals which include throwing people into hot molten gold, or in other cases (mostly young poor women) doing it more cruel and slowly.
Goldusa really hates poor people and her opinion is that they are better off as a golden statue filling her horrible garden of golden death.
Goldusa enters amputheatre because she wants all fighters to become her golden statues, especially the poor ones, she kind of likes Mamba, probably because of her love of snakes, she even has a mutant, giant, golden boa constrictor for a pet.

Because Goldusa isn't strong of monstrous in any way, and would never make a chance against the other combatants, the evil wardens turned her into a magical being by horrible demonic rituals which Goldusa voluntarily entered.
Now Goldusa's touch can turn people into golden statues and also her beautiful gaze can turn people into the stuff she loves most.
Her hair is golden and it has its own will she can turn it into various forms and entangle others with it, her golden pet constrictor is mind-linked to her as well.

Goldusa looks like a beautiful woman with a golden boa constrictor around her neck, she has painted her hair golden and also other body parts are made pure gold, on one of her hands she has a golden glove with sharp golden claws on it, her shoes end in sharp golden pins that can easily tear through any combatant.







Another victim of a broken heart, Claude de la Porte could not live with the pain.
When he came home unexpected early one night, his ex-living girlfriend was making love with his ex-living best friend in their new bought bed, the night just before their marriage.
After brutally killing his lover and best friend with a statue of Cupid he blamed the god of love for this happening and went insane.
Killing his unfaithful love didn't make the pain go away and Claude took on a new identity, he named himself Antaros, after the god of hate and Cupids hateful twin-brother.
Happy couple after happy couple he ruined, as he didn't killed both, he killed one of them before the eyes of the other so that he ruined the life of the second (mostly the woman, because they have more emotions)
His killing method is a cruel one as he shoots them with poisonous arrows in the shape of black hearts, the first arrow hits the arm of the victim so he can absorb the pain and horror of the situation as the girlfriend probably screams in terror as her boyfriend or husband withers in pain by the slow overtaking poison, the second arrow hits the victim through the heart just before they faint by the poison.
Nobody knows how Anteros got his wings; maybe some evil monster or god has noticed his hate and made a deal with him, giving Claude magical powers over hate and negativity as all humans and animals around him start to feel negative emotions.
The evil wardens also noticed Anteros and made Zamov kidnap him to fight in the amputheatre against the other freaks.


Anteros looks like an extremely white-skinned male somewhere in the late 20ties.
He wears a black eye patch in the shape of a black heart; he has a naked chest with a quiver full of blackheart-shaped arrows (the arrowheads of course)
He has a button pierced through his heart with an icon of a black broken heart on it.
On his back he has two feathered black angel wings and he has long emo-like black hairs.
He wears little pants (much like cupid but with a blackheart button on it) and sandals (also with black broken hearts on it) for shoes.
There are black tattoos all over his perfect body, all of which are negative monstrous tattoos of negative things and signs of extreme hateful things.


One last thing: Why don’t you find a team that makes a fighting computer game out of it? It would make one horrible cool and bloody game!
I’m not often impressed by other people’s fantasy, originality or work, but your work really hit me like the club of Jack of Clubs! Thank you for that! :D


Greets and regards from an insane Amputheatre fan Sincubus!

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