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Posted by the_gil_monster on 10.15.2009 at 00:10
Patient seems:: awake
Cries of torment:: Who cares?
Hey! Remember me? That's right- the guy who runs this game you may have heard about...?

Well, the reason I've been gone is that my wife and I have been steadily trying to close on a house. Which we did. And now we're moved in and settled.

And the bottom line is: I MISS MY EVIL BOARD GAME. So how about for old time's sake we have a game of AMPUTHEATRE this Friday (Oct. 16th) at Millennium Games at around 7 pm? Sound off if this is a go.

By the way: I'm weary of LiveJournal. I'm using a new blog. Bookmark this puppy, because I'll be posting games, updates there from now on. Or you can track AMPUTHEATRE on Facebook. Ha HA.

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