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The website is gone?

Posted by eseme on 02.21.2009 at 09:58
Patient seems:: confused
I just went to check out the Amputheatre website. I was planning to show it to some friends who are going to SimCon - to convince them that in addition to Warhammer they should play the World's Gorriest Board Game.

The site is gone.

Please tell me that Amputheatre isn't gone too. It's one of my favorite events at SimCon. I was also hoping I could purchase some of the figs that are up on the Esty page at SimCon, and save on shipping...


Gil Merritt
the_gil_monster at 2009-02-21 15:51 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, the website is down.

But ANMPUTHEATRE isn't dead. It's going back up- this time as a subheading of Chenille Macabre. We're doing this as fast as possible.

...I have yet to sign up for shows, ack!
Eseme Rallen
eseme at 2009-02-21 20:44 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, good.

I will be at SimCon. I've got vacation time and everything. And there are a cuple of figs in your Etsy store I'd like to get (and save on shipping by gettting at the con).
Gil Merritt
the_gil_monster at 2009-02-22 00:00 (UTC) (Link)
Awesome! I'll see you there!

Well, lo and behold: it's back:

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