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Johnny Dangerously

AMPUTHEATRE Update. What? An update?

Posted by the_gil_monster on 10.13.2008 at 17:02
Patient seems:: busy
Cries of torment:: Steve Parsons- Howling II Theme (Splatter Mix)
...I know.

It's been far too long since there's been an update, let alone a game. I've been working fairly militantly on Chenille Macabre stuff, since that's the thing that's currently making money. Nothing to live off, but nothing to sneeze at either.

But what I have done is made an all-new revision of AMPUTHEATRE. It's version 10.0 (I lost count a while ago) and it fixes a lot of the ambiguities of the first game. Hopefully, there's nothing here that needs more than two sentences to explain.

New rules first:
  • The terms Strength, Dexterity and Arcana are all gone. Counter, Dodge and Resist are all we need.
  • All Slashers now have an Escape score. None of this Use an Attack that doesn't need arms stuff. Two hits are all you need.
  • All Slashers now have a basic Steal Attack. It has a generic 0-1 range and deals no Carnage. Instead, it takes one item (Weapon, Spell, Sundered Limb) from your target.
  • Some Slashers now have Evil Deeds called Desperate Measures. These are black with either red or yellow text and are used when your Slasher becomes Wounded (yellow health) or Meat (red health). (This was Gramatan's idea.)
  • Rejecting Limbs: Slashers possessing an arm of another Slasher type (Human, Monstrous, Soulless or Unholy) must roll a die to retain that arm come the Suffering Phase.
Changes to Combat:
  • Stray Hits. Rolling a 5 when attacking a Slasher occupying a space with another hits the other Slasher for a touch of Carnage. (This was Jror_Tholin's idea.)
  • Guard Breaks/Parries. Whenever a Block is rolled, whoever rolled the more damaging hit (whether Attacker or Defender) may declare an Onslaught to Attack that Slasher. It's a Guard Break on offense, and a Parry on defense. (This was inspired by Heartless Rose who once wished that every day in AMPUTHEATRE could be Casual Friday.)
  • Slashers automatically Rise immediately after they are Attacked while Fallen, but only on their space (which keeps the strategy of Slashers Rising on their own.)
The following Slashers have been updated for the new rules. New rules worth mentioning will be done so here:
  • Ashezz.
  • Crossface has returned. His Twisted Gospel now lets its victims Move and Attack during their Free Actions to get them back in the game quicker. His Homophobia Desperate Measure protects him from Male Slashers trying to Hold or Throw him. Most devious of all is Crossface's Steal Attack, which must be Resisted.
  • Crucifiend has had his notorious Crucifrenzy converted to a Desperate Measure. If you do get the chance to use it though, it will knock people back much farther than it ever did. His Seppukku Backhand has been also toned down in both accuracy and range. To compensate, Crucifiend gets a new Evil Deed- his Corpse Breath which will Poison all Slashers in its path. If there's one thing Crucifiend should appreciate, it's damage protection.
  • General Ghebembwe.
  • Gnash.
  • Gutwrench.
  • Hazmat because you all love her so. This time her classic Dead Pool Evil Deed is a Desperate Measure.
  • He Who Wilts. The Carrion Crows Evil Deed has been revised and made a little bit easier to use.
  • Jack of Clubs. The Bad Shuffle Evil Deed is now a Desperate Measure, and he can be killed by performing a successful Steal Attack upon him while he is at 0 Pints.
  • Jinglebunny got a fair amount of surgery. The Bump N' Go Sawbones no longer runs randomly about the board, it's either a projectile or a Floor Trap. The Theme Song is more diabolical than ever- it forces its victim to spend an Onslaught to safely Move towards Jinglebunny. This is evil. On top of that, JInglebunny now has a Desperate Measure called the Bubble Bath, which is a Blinding Teleport. Beware.
  • Loggerhead has always been a little too tough for my tastes. The conversion of his Makeshift Club and Shrike Spearman into Desperate Measures brings him down to a more even keel.
  • Malice has had her stamina tweaked to make her a little bit more rough-and-tumble than she already was.
  • Mandibula can now save herself from Throws as a Desperate Measure.
  • Mr. Eyeball Plucker had his Stopwatch become a Desperate Measure- the fact that its Range has been reduced prevents it from becoming invincibly obnoxious. The Tweezer Summon can now hit a limit of three Slashers on its return to Mr. Plucker, which should cut down on any Line-Of Sight arguments. And generate a whole lot of new ones.
  • Nine Lives.
  • Scounch One-Ear.
  • The Thicket. The Thicket's powers regarding his barbed-wire armor has been handled with a great deal more clarity.
  • Trigger Treat. That whole Desert Eagle-cuffed-to-the-wrist crap is out the window. Even the Evil Wardens realized that giving a Slasher a .50 caliber handgun with laser sight might be a bad idea, so they confiscated it. Thus, Treat had to cobble for himself a Zip Gun. He still has his regular powers with it- it was more of a case of explaining why the range of the gun should be low, and why other Slashers shouldn't be able to fire it (only Treat knows how his custom gun works.)
  • Willy Mammoth. The Foreign Object is now a Desperate Measure, and Mammoth can even use it to get Spells. There you go.
  • Zuhochtlotl. Toned down a touch. The Goal Kick has been split into two Evil Deeds: regular and Running Goal Kick, which drops a touch of accuracy and Range for the power of shooting while moving.
And finally: two new Slashers!

Ixnay. A cock-up at the Witness Protection Program turned this tailor into a farmer into a serial killer with a stapled-shut mouth, human tongues around his neck, and thimbles fitted with utility blades. Ixnay is all about silence: he can move before other Slashers have a chance to act, and he can even strike a Slasher from the direction of another to disorient his victim and confuse them into retaliating against the wrong man. His Thumbnailer Impale forces his victim to make a Random Move the second they break free of it.

Lord Morax. By stringing his guitar with the innards of unbaptized children, this death metal musician could recite the passages of the Arcanuum Ex Mysteriius Spell Book into critically acclaimed music. Morax was a demon with the body of a bull and the head of a man; this guy fits that description. His most interesting power is that of retaining Spells after he has cast them, so long as they succeed, and so long as he has his Guitar. His Mosh Pit attack is an amusing AOE which will spread chaos in any mass donnybrook.

Finally, I'm seeking a new venue for AMPUTHEATRE. Nothing against Millennium- it's just far away from my apartment and gas isn't as cheap as it once was. I'm talking with some folks right now, and I'll let you know when the next game is.

For now, hang tight- and if you'll be at the ZombieFest 2008 in Monroeville PA, that's where the next demo will be!

Now: back to building.


Delusions of Lesser Inadequacy
moad_terran_hq at 2008-10-14 00:12 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for the overview.

I like the changes. Rejecting limbs sounds neat, even if it does go counter to your streamlining bent. Might I suggest a spell that allows one to stop rolling for themselves, or causes someone else to have a rejection? (Dual use to make people less likely to just toss it....)

Stray hits - does the victim get any kind of defense - what sort of carnage level are we talking?

Auto Rising - can the Slasher choose to stay down? (Otherwise While Rising Attacks get even less love.)

Can't wait to see Lord Morax in action - anyone who has an "AOE which will spread chaos in any mass donnybrook" is AOK in my book.

Somehow, with all these changes, I don't think I'm gonna be all that much help as an assistant Evil Warden at Zombiefest....

(I like the internal consistancy of the zip gun for Trigger Treat, but I still prefer Whack O Lantern.... :P (don't hurt me))

Gil Merritt
the_gil_monster at 2008-10-14 04:30 (UTC) (Link)
No prob- sorry it took so long to put it up here in writing.

There is no defense from Stray Hits. It's one more way that AMPUTHEATRE doesn't like us. Each Stray Hit does 5 Pints of Carnage. In the case of multiple Slashers on one space, the healthiest Slasher is the first to suck up the pain. Additional rolls of 5 spread the carnage out amongst the Slashers- except the initial target, of course.

I don't see why the Slasher has to get up from a Fall when Attacked, so sure.

Limb Rejection is admittedly a bit complex, but it's just one more way for Slashers to retain their lost limbs. This reminds me of a new rule I made: All Slashers must have their Original Arms to perform their Evil Deeds.

A spell that prevents Limb Rejection is a pretty good idea. Maybe in an expansion.
kalessindb at 2008-10-14 04:47 (UTC) (Link)

*head explodes from the awesomeness*

I... I... I have no words. Good christ man, that's a massive massive update. Some shit I am VERY excited about in there, and I really look forward to playing it again. I beg for a non-friday-night game some week though, as I am rarely available friday nights until 10pm or later.... but if necessary, I will find a way.

Glad to hear from ya in any way!
(Deleted comment)
Gil Merritt
the_gil_monster at 2008-10-14 20:51 (UTC) (Link)
...Bad PsychoJosh. You referenced a friends-locked post. I had to delete it.

But I'm glad you liked my improvements.

It's been a while since I've been to Philly, though. Maybe a good game or horror con' will draw us out there.

psychojosh13 at 2008-10-15 02:21 (UTC) (Link)
Gah, you bastard! How will I ever recover from such a blow to my self-esteem?!

Well, I suppose you could make up for it with an appearance at Monster Mania Cherry Hill, which is next scheduled for March 13-15, 2009...
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